McBee Meats Giveaway

Kill a deer
free case of beer!

Bring your deer in to McBee’s to get processed and receive a $10 gift  card to use on your free case of beer if of required legal age – or any other item located in our  partner’ retail store!

Kill a deer? Free case of beer!

We’re kicking off our first season of deer processing by congratulating all of you that have filled your tag and choose McBee’s as your meat processor of choice!

Celebrate your successful harvest with a gift card received at check-in – redeemable at our partnering retail store (to be announced shortly).

From delicious snack sticks and summer sausage to incredible brats, bologna and jerky – our products are guaranteed to pack a punch of irresistible flavor that’ll leave you wanting more with every bite. All our products are custom made in-house recipes that turn your hard-earned trophy into table fare and snacks that the entire family will love and cherish for months to come!


#1 - Products taste so good we take no responsibility for addictions created after one bite.

#2 - We highly suggest locking your freezer to keep family, friends, coworkers or anyone else you let try your venison products from raiding and emptying your entire stock.

#3 – You will eat through your products so fast; we highly recommend filling more tags.

#4 This promo is for hunters only. Unfortunate accidents on the road involving running over a deer does not apply to this giveaway!

*The case of beer will not be provided by McBee Meat Co., and we are not responsible for any purchases related to beer or alcoholic beverages made with the gift card issued upon purchasing deer processing.

Any transactions or actions involving the acquisition of beer are the sole responsibility of the individuals involved. Users are advised to adhere to the legal drinking age and follow all applicable laws and regulations concerning the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

By using our platform, you acknowledge and understand that any engagement with beer or alcohol is entirely independent of our services.

All deer must be harvested in accordance to local State laws and regulations in order to redeem this promo.

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