• $100 Deposit required at check-in.

  • Straight cut processing is $125 and covers getting your deer skinned, boned out and ground.This payment also covers deer roasts, steaks, tenders, whole loins and straight ground deer.

  • Deer need to be tagged properly - do NOT cut the back leg tendons. If back leg tendons arecut, a $100 extra charge fee will be due (We cannot hang deer if those are cut).

  • All specialty products are made using our OWN CUSTOM hand crafted recipes - formulated tohave superior flavor leaving you with a healthier, better tasting product ... the way it should be!

  • All fresh cuts are automatically your own meat coming back.

  • All ground product and specialty items are commingled and mixed with pork (provided byMcBee Meat Company at no additional cost).

  • 10 lb Minimum per order selection for specialty products.

  • Notice for pick-up will be done via text message and/or email.

  • Any meat that remains in our freezer after 2 weeks of initial pick-up notice will incur a fee of$5/Day per tray.

  • Abandoned product policy: Product left beyond 45 days will be considered abandoned andbecome property of McBee Meat Company.

  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • We cannot accept deer that have been tested for CWD until proof of a negative test is in hand.

  • We cannot accept any deer from previous years' seasons.

  • Please read the rules and regulations for bringing deer in from CWD zones (Listed on ourwebsite).

  • Products may contain allergens such as milk, wheat and soy. Please ask staff if you havequestions about which allergens may be present in a specific deer product.

  • There is a 3% processing fee on all credit card or PayPal transactions

  • All total deer meat weight and yields will be approximate based on animal size, bullet or broad head damage, meat condition and the addition of pork into specialty products. We will do our best to save as much good meat as possible from your harvest. Expected range of meat yield return (total lbs of product made) can be found below. 
  • Adult Buck: Expect 60-150 lbs of meat/product dependent on selection/s
    Adult Doe: Expect 50-125 lbs of meat/product dependent on selection/s
    Young Buck: Expect 50-125 lbs of meat/product dependent on selection/s
    Found Doe: Expect 40-100 lbs of meat/product dependent on selection/s